Chemours Belgium's CRC Day sparks a sustainable tomorrow

At Chemours Belgium, we firmly believe in taking proactive steps to ensure the well-being of our planet's natural resources. Demonstrating our commitment to corporate social responsibility, our team took charge by organizing an impactful Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) Day on Thursday, November 17. It underscores Chemours Belgium's in empowering our team members to make sustainable choices in their personal lives.

The CRC team orchestrated a compelling session at our Mechelen plant site in the morning and another at our Antwerp premises (Kallo) in the afternoon, engaging over 70 Chemourians—representing over half of our local employee population. To ensure inclusivity, both sessions were recorded for later viewing.

During these sessions, we spotlighted significant sustainability achievements, delving into topics such as membrane technology for hydrogen production, packaging waste regulation, new sustainability initiatives concerning titanium dioxide, the impactful 'Remove2Reclaim' project, and the growing role of sustainability in procurement. The presentations featured colleagues actively involved in these projects, presenting their experiences in an accessible, non-technical manner. This personalized touch fostered a strong connection between the speakers and the audience, resulting in dynamic discussions with numerous questions and answers.

The positive feedback received from the audience underscored the surprise at the breadth of sustainability and CRC initiatives already underway at Chemours. Encouraged by this response, participants offered valuable suggestions for future endeavors, setting the stage for a year ahead filled with renewed energy and enthusiasm for our CRC team.

Expanding the CRC concept beyond our organizational boundaries, the team recognized the impact of inflation rates on gas and electricity affecting many team members. To address this concern, an external consultant was invited to share ideas, tips, and tricks on reducing energy consumption and costs at home. These informative sessions not only equipped employees with practical insights but also provided a platform for addressing individual queries regarding choices and investments to minimize their energy footprint.