We Put “Delight” Under a Microscope

From rock concerts to amusement parks, chemistry makes modern leisure possible. Our series The Chemistry of Delight shows how.

Work done in the laboratory leads to play. Because of fluoropolymers, audio engineers can deliver near-perfect sound to concertgoers. Advanced polymers enable the creation of modern outerwear and sports equipment. And thanks to high-performance lubricants, vacationers can reach far-flung, exotic locales.

In short, chemistry enables us to have fun. And delivering today’s optimal leisure experience means leveraging today’s advanced chemistry. Our series looks at just how chemists’ work leads to delight everywhere.


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Digital Audio

Giving Rock Concerts Perfect Sound

Teflon™ fluoropolymers help enable the near-perfect sound concertgoers demand.

An image of Mark Vergnano, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Chemours Company.

Mark Vergnano

President and Chief Executive Officer

We’ve set out to take a closer look at the chemistry underlying memorable experiences we share with our friends and family, aiming to highlight the role chemistry plays in these moments of exuberance.