We Put “Delight” Under a Microscope

From rock concerts to amusement parks, chemistry makes modern fun possible. Our series The Chemistry of Delight shows how.

Work done in the laboratory leads to play. Because of fluoropolymers, audio engineers can deliver near-perfect sound to concertgoers. Advanced polymers enable the creation of modern outerwear and sports equipment. And thanks to high-performance lubricants, vacationers can reach far-flung, exotic locales.

In short, chemistry enables us to have fun. And delivering today’s optimal leisure experience means leveraging today’s advanced chemistry. Our series looks at just how chemists’ work leads to delight everywhere.


Our Expert Corner

Read more from our experts on the chemistry that enables fun.

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An image of a family, using winter recreational equipment and wearing clothing enabled by Chemours fluoroproducts, standing at the top of a mountain and planning to complete a ski run.


The Chemistry of Cold Play

Chemours fluoroproducts help push the boundaries of winter sports, boosting comfort and performance.

An image of Stefanie Kopchick, Global Market Manager, Opteon™ Low Global Warming Potential Stationary Refrigerants at The Chemours Company.

Stefanie Kopchick

Global Market Manager, Opteon™ Stationary Refrigerants

“Ice plants running on Opteon™ low global warming potential refrigerants can produce ice surfaces that meet the exacting standards of professional hockey—without depleting the ozone layer.”

An image of a smiling little girl riding on a carousel horse that Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide can help keep colorful, durable, and safe at an amusement park.


The Color of Thrills

Used in coatings and plastics, Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide helps keep amusement park rides colorful, durable, and safe.