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Teflon™ Fluoropolymers Enhance Productivity, Efficiency, and Flow

Teflon™ fluoropolymers offer diverse characteristics for many applications.

Rechter kent beroep door Chemours toe: bedrijf heeft meer tijd om laatste 20% emissies te reduceren

De Rechtbank in Den Haag heeft uitspraak gedaan over het beroep dat Chemours aangetekend had tegen een ambtshalve besluit van de Provincie Zuid-Holland uit 2019 over wijziging van de vergunning.

Chemours Announces Management Actions and Delay of Form 10-K; Provides Preliminary Unaudited 2023 Year-End Results

Eleventh paragraph, first and second sentences of release dated February 28, 2024 should read: At December 31, 2023, the Company maintained cash and cash equivalents of $1.2 billion; it has restricted cash and restricted cash equivalents of $604 million primarily relating to the U.S.


Fluoroguard™ Polymer Additives

Fluoroguard™ polymer additives improve the performance of molded parts.

Capstone™ Fluorosurfactant Additives for Fire Suppressant Products

Capstone™ fluorosurfactants are used as additives in fire suppressants.


The Essential Importance of High Purity

Teflon™ resins protect against impurities that impact yields.


Teflon™ Fluoropolymers Maintain Purity and Resist Biofilm Buildup

Teflon™ fluoropolymers resist biofilm and chemical buildup.

A Partnership for Sustainable Hockey

Opteon™ refrigerants provide sustainable solutions for NHL® and community rinks.


Teflon™ AF Resin Store

Find information about purchasing Teflon™ AF amorphous fluoropolymer resins.


Teflon™ PFA Resins

These fluoropolymer resins improve products manufactured for a wide range of industries.