Key Advantages of Advanced Performance Materials in Diagnostic Applications

The challenges in developing effective diagnostic equipment are growing and growing. How do you continue to find new ways to meet ever-changing industry demands? Advanced performance materials can help.

Download our new case study to learn how advanced lubricants enabled a repeatable pumping of fluids in our customer’s self-contained diagnostic test cartridge. Working closely with the Chemours team, our client soon discovered the key advantages of the high-performance solution, which include:

  • Lubricants do not support microbial growth
  • Chemically inert to nearly all test reagents and analytes
  • Compatible with a wide range of plastics and other cartridge materials
  • Thermally and oxidatively stable over long periods of time

Let’s solve the seemingly unsolvable, together.

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Enabling Consistent, Repeatable Tests in Self-Contained in Vitro Diagnostic Cartridges