Vazo™ Free Radical Initiators in Water Treatment

How Vazo™ Free Radical Initiators Are Applied in Water Treatment

Clarifying agents and flocculants used for water purification are often polymeric in nature. Azo initiators are required to maintain the functional integrity of the polymer and allow for control over polymerization. This results in stable polymers that behave as intended, prepared using a highly predictable and reproducible process.

Similarly, azo initiators are required to create superabsorbent polymers (SAPs). SAPs are used for their ability to absorb—and subsequently slowly release—large amounts of liquids, particularly water. This ability enables SAPs to be used in unique applications such as:

  • Soil hydration management additives for reforestation projects
  • Golf course and other landscape maintenance projects
  • Horticultural uses
  • Farmland and agriculture management
  • Diaper construction

The Vazo™ initiator brand is the longest-lived and most-established azo brand. Chemours has been a reliable partner and supplier of Vazo™ initiators for decades, with technical and product stewardship teams available to provide assistance.

While the full line of Vazo™ initiators can be used in water treatment applications, customers may most be interested in Vazo™ 64, Vazo™ 64G, and Vazo™ 56 WSP. Contact us for technical information or guidance about product selection.