HP DME Propellant

A Water-Soluble Propellant Product

Hair spray, deodorants, air fresheners, paints, and other applications requiring water solubility use HP DME propellant. Uniquely, HP DME is highly soluble in both polar and non-polar solvents.

Like all propellants from The Chemours Company, HP DME can be used alone or in blends with other propellents and hydrocarbons to create an ideal mixture for any application.

HP DME is chemically stable and only degrades under severe conditions. The propellant is hydrolytically stable over a wide pH range of aqueous solutions. Additional features of HP DME propellant products include:

  • Solubility in water
  • Solubility in organics
  • Medium-high vapor pressure
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Zero ozone-depletion potential (ODP)