Aspiring to Be the Most Sustainable TiO₂ Enterprise in the World

We’re at a crossroads.

Not simply as a company or an industry, but as a society. We’re facing some of the greatest challenges we’ve ever seen, and if something doesn’t drastically change, future generations will be forced to bear the consequences. From climate change and depleting natural resources to social injustice and political unrest, the list can seem endless and even defeating. But I—and the Chemours executive team—believe our planet, customers, and communities deserve more, and that corporations have a responsibility to help solve these seemingly unsolvable challenges.

At Chemours, we’re committed to making chemistry as responsible as it is essential. We like to say we’re a different kind of titanium dioxide (TiO₂) producer, one that creates a brighter, more durable, and efficient world by tackling some of society’s greatest challenges.

For nearly a century, we have delivered high-quality TiO₂ for customers around the globe in coatings, plastics, and laminates applications. Guided by our industry-leading innovation, technical expertise, and continued collaboration, we believe we have an opportunity and an obligation to move our customers and our planet forward.

True leadership requires ambitious thinking and bold action. That’s why we’re aspiring to be the most sustainable TiO₂ enterprise in the world. It’s no secret, manufacturing TiO₂ is energy intensive, but that should not stop us from striving to set a new standard, to be best-in-our-class, and to lead our industry forward.

I’m excited to announce a clear set of sustainability goals for the Titanium Technologies business unit, which will both advance our Chemours Corporate Responsibility Commitments and guide our business strategy. We will advance sustainability within our gates and communities, with our customers, and across industries, because doing what’s right for our people and planet IS good business:

Within Our Gates & Communities

We’re committed to responsible manufacturing and continually searching for ways to increase uptime, capacity, and community support, while reducing our environmental impact. We’re striving to reduce site energy intensity by at least 20% (vs. 2018 baseline), implement waste reduction technologies across all sites, and invest a minimum of $5 million in our communities by 2030.

With Our Customers

We strive to be our customers’ thought partner and innovation resource, helping optimize their processes and collaborating on their next great offering to minimize impact on our shared planet. That means 100% of our new offerings will include a sustainability value proposition, specifically referencing products’ efficiency, durability, and/or safety.

Across Industries

As an industry leader, we have a responsibility to not only lead TiO₂ innovation, but to lend our expertise to solve societal challenges beyond our base offering. To do so, we’ll drive collaboration and innovation –in TiO₂ and beyond–to advance societal megatrends and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Boldly Leading to Build a Better Tomorrow

To create a better world—for our customers, our employees, and our planet—we must set ambitious goals and commit wholeheartedly to achieving them. I’m still a capitalist at heart, and this mission is rooted in purpose as well as profits. Contrary to popular belief, those are NOT mutually exclusive pursuits. I’m fully confident in our ability to accomplish these goals because of our tremendous team of passionate, talented, and courageous individuals. Now, let’s tackle some of society’s greatest challenges together!