Opteon™ Low Global Warming Potential Refrigerants Receive New & Expanded Use Approvals by the U.S. EPA SNAP Office

Opteon™ XP44 (R-452A) is now approved for use, and the acceptable use of Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A) and Opteon™XP10 (R-513A) have been expanded

WILMINGTON, DE., July 21, 2017 – The Chemours Company (Chemours) (NYSE: CC), a global chemistry company with leading market positions in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions, announced today that the U.S. EPA Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program has listed low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants Opteon™ XP44 (R-452A), Opteon™ XP40 (R449A), and Opteon™ XP10 (R-513A) as acceptable for use.  The U.S. EPA SNAP program supports the transition away from ozone-depleting compounds. 

Opteon™ XP44 (R-452A) is now listed as acceptable for use in new and retrofit equipment for refrigerated transport (refrigerated trucks and trailers) and remote condensing units used in retail food refrigeration. Opteon™ XP44 has a GWP approximately 50% lower than R-404A and was specifically designed for applications where low compressor discharge temperatures are required.  XP44 provides the closest discharge temperature match to R-404A, which makes it an ideal replacement for applications such as transport refrigeration and hermetic compressor systems, especially in low temperature conditions. Many leading global equipment manufacturers have made public announcements regarding their approval, adoption, and use of Opteon™XP44 (R-452A) as a low GWP replacement for R-404A. 

In addition to the new listing of Opteon™ XP44, the approval of Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A) has expanded to include use in new and retrofit cold storage warehouse and industrial process refrigeration equipment.  The EPA previously had listed XP40 as an acceptable refrigerant in several commercial and retail food refrigeration applications. Opteon™ XP40 provides equipment owners and contractors with an excellent solution to replace R-22 or R-404A in retrofits or new equipment, with up to 12% improvement in energy efficiency and a 67% lower GWP than R-404A. Opteon™ XP40 has been tested and approved by major equipment manufacturers and is being widely used in thousands of systems globally.  Its optimal balance of properties, particularly its non-flammability, energy efficiency, and design compatibility to R-22 and R404A equipment, gives Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A) a distinct advantage over other low GWP options. 

Finally, the acceptable use of Opteon™ XP10 (R-513A) has been expanded to include use in new and retrofit residential dehumidifiers.  Opteon™ XP10 is already acceptable for use in numerous applications, including chiller and retail food refrigeration applications.   As an azeotropic, non-flammable replacement for HFC-134a, Opteon™ XP10, offers a 55% reduction in GWP compared to HFC-134a, while also maintaining comparable properties and performance. This optimal combination of properties, particularly its non-flammability and design compatibility to R-134a equipment, gives Opteon™ XP10 a distinct advantage over other refrigerant options.  Several major global chiller manufacturers have announced equipment designed for Opteon™ XP10, and leading OEMs and retailers in the commercial refrigeration space have approved and begun to adopt XP10 as well. 

“Our customers require us to be on the cutting edge of new technology so that they can meet the evolving challenges they face, said Diego Boeri, Vice President Chemours Fluorochemicals. “These new EPA SNAP listings ensure that low GWP refrigerants by Chemours are available for applications our customers need.”

The Opteon™ portfolio of fluorochemicals from Chemours represents a breakthrough line of low GWP solutions. They were developed to help meet increasingly stringent global regulations while generally maintaining or improving performance compared to the products they replace. As the leading supplier of more environmentally sustainable refrigerants, Chemours has and continues to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to develop this portfolio of new products and additional capacity as the need for low GWP solutions grows throughout the world. 

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The Chemours Company (NYSE: CC) helps create a colorful, capable and cleaner world through the power of chemistry.  Chemours is a global leader in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions, providing its customers with solutions in a wide range of industries with market-defining products, application expertise and chemistry-based innovations.  Chemours ingredients are found in plastics and coatings, refrigeration and air conditioning, mining and general industrial manufacturing.  Our flagship products include prominent brands such as Teflon™, Ti-Pure™, Krytox™, Viton™, Opteon™, Freon™, and Nafion™.  Chemours has approximately 7,000 employees and 26 manufacturing sites serving approximately 4,000 customers in North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.  Chemours is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol CC.  For more information please visit chemours.com or follow Chemours on Twitter at @chemours. 

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