Protecting a Vital Shared Resource


Our neighbors and surrounding communities expect us to treat and respect water as a shared resource. Feedback from stakeholders engagement activities has identified water quality and chemical emissions to water as important topics to them.

Our 2021 Water Highlights

  • Achieved a 52% reduction of fluorinated organic chemicals (FOCs) to water compared to the 2018 baseline
  • Completed seven programs at three Chemours manufacturing sites, which are capturing emissions streams for thermal destruction, using absorption technology for aqueous streams, and implementing recovery projects for reuse in the manufacturing process
  • Modified water treatment system at our Amelia Mine in Georgia to improve process water quality, reduce offsite discharges, and achieve reuse and recycling of 98% of the mine water
  • Worked with local partners in Florida to help with flooding and to provide treated wastewater to help lake systems maintain healthy levels and allow recreation

99%+ reduction of air and water process emissions of fluorinated organic chemicals (FOCs)

Improving Another Vital Shared Resource—Air

We made substantial progress toward our 2030 CRC goal in 2021, reducing air FOC process emissions by 365 metric tons or 34% from our 2018 baseline. We are implementing additional interim and final projects at multiple sites and are exploring the best available and new technology options to further reduce FOC process emissions. Additionally, we have already identified initiatives and existing technologies that will take us to an 89% anticipated reduction.