Empowered Employees 


A Committed and Caring Team


Meeting our commitment to responsible chemistry depends on our ability to create a vibrant workplace culture. To do so, we must attract and retain the best and brightest minds who push our business and industry forward.

Our 2021 Empowered Employees Highlights

  • Achieved recertification as a Great Place to Work® in three locations—Mexico (four years in a row), Spain and China each for their second and first years, respectively
  • Increased the representation of women and people of color on our Board of Directors and our senior executive team; 100% of the new members of the Chemours Executive Team (CET) were promoted from within and are women and/or ethnically diverse
  • Achieved a 69% average global employee engagement score on the Great Places to Work survey
  • Continued to offer unconscious bias training for leaders through our DECIDE program
  • Enhanced US-based employee benefits including additional 401(k) contributions, long-term care insurance, pet insurance, transgender benefits and designated Juneteenth as a holiday
2030 CRC Goals Snapshot

Evaluating Our Goals

Each year, we evaluate our ID&E goals to identify opportunities and obstacles that require us to take meaningful actions to remain on track. Our most recent evaluation indicated we could create an even stronger, more ethnically diverse US workforce. Our goal from 2022 forward is to fill 30% of all US positions with ethnically diverse employees, an increase from the original 20% goal. 

Our evaluation also identified some challenges ahead to fully achieving our gender parity goal. Chemours has a bedrock commitment to gender parity in all areas of the company while realizing that in some roles achieving full gender parity by the aggressive date of 2030 may not be possible. In this context, we are reshaping our gender parity goal to fill 50% of all director level positions and above  with women by 2030, and to fill 35% of all global roles with women by 2030—on an intentional path to full gender parity at all levels of the organization by 2050 or earlier.