Consumer Goods Manufacturing

DryFilm Products in Household Appliance Manufacturing

From dishwashers to cabinet drawers, dry film products are used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of consumer goods. Manufacturers know that choosing the right Chemours DryFilm product improves quality because they can:

  • Prolong the life of a product
  • Enhance its performance
  • Set it apart from the competition

Lubrication and Protection for Common Household Appliances

Appliances require lubrication to extend a product's life while ensuring it stays clean and performs optimally.

DryFilm products reduce friction and allow connectors or seals to easily slip into their appropriate connections. They also provide components with permanent protection from dust, dirt, and contaminants—unlike hydrocarbons and silicones that go on wet and attract dirt.

Chemours DryFilm products are effective for metal-on-metal, plastic-on-metal, or plastic-on-plastic connections and facilitate easy movement for switches and connectors. Because DryFilm products do not attract dirt, they keep surfaces clean and connections intact.