Innovation and Reliability for 21st Century Mining 

Producing sodium cyanide safely and responsibly for over 65 years.

Chemours Memphis

Chemours Memphis was established in 1952 and is situated in an industrial park in Shelby County, Tennessee. The site produces sodium cyanide, an essential element in gold and silver extraction, and has operated safely and responsibly without incident in the community for more than 65 years. The facility is fully certified under the International Cyanide Management Code and received the Tennessee Governor's OHSHA Award in 2018.

Sodium cyanide technology is the most environmentally friendly and best technology available for the extraction of precious metals. Sodium cyanide is not cyanide, although it is part of the industrial compound. Its application has been used for decades and is allowed and regulated by state and federal agencies around the world. It is also used because most other alternatives have a long-term biological persistence in the environment. In contrast, sodium cyanide does not persist in the environment, so it does not accumulate or create a long-term risk.

Our site maintains a monthly community dialogue with the People of Woodstock to provide an opportunity for participants to identify and discuss key areas of interest or concern and to learn more about our products and business. We support educational programs and activities of nearby schools and support graduate study scholarships at the University of Memphis Center for Applied Earth Science and Research (CAESAR). We also strongly encourage our employees' volunteerism in the community.