Shared Planet

Our Shared Planet

We deliver essential solutions, responsibly.

Reducing our environmental impact through individual initiatives and actions—from plants to people.

The world depends on individual companies like Chemours to deliver essential goods and innovation responsibly. We took that imperative to heart, and it inspired us to make several bold commitments: we will become carbon positive, nearly eliminate the release of air and water emissions of fluorinated organic chemicals, and reduce our landfill volume intensity. Changing the world depends on individual companies, and those companies depend on the dedicated action of individual employees, the operation of plant sites, and business decisions. We have prepared our organization to transform the way we work so each employee, each business, and each plant can contribute to improving the world. This is what our customers, investors, and society deserve.

We are proud to report that in 2019:

  • Two of our sites implemented projects to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 545,000 metric tons of CO2e
  • Four of our sites reported no landfill waste whatsoever
  • Three of our production facilities upgraded equipment to reduce fluorinated organic compound process emissions
  • Twenty-seven million metric tons of CO2e were avoided thanks to our Opteon™ refrigerant products
  • Forty-eight percent of our products were sold in recyclable packaging
  • Five of our sites were certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council