Sustainable Supply Chain

Inspiring Responsibility in Our Supply Chain 

We’re committed to adding sustainable value and developing a best-in-class procurement team that can drive responsible behaviors throughout our supply chain.

A graphic depicting Chemours’ 2030 Sustainable Supply Chain goal and baseline.

We work with nearly 13,000 vendors, whose support we need to reach our 2030 Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) goals. But beyond that, we see our engagement with these valued business partners as a way to spread our responsible chemistry ethos well beyond our company. This mission forms a natural connection with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as we strive to harness the full power of our supply base to amplify our efforts.

We want to encourage our supply chain partners to join us in practicing responsible chemistry. To do that, we are establishing and implementing our responsible procurement program.

Our Partners

We hold ourselves to high standards, and through our responsible procurement program we expect our supplier partners to do the same. In fact, in 2018 we extended our responsible chemistry ethos to reach them through our Supplier Code of Conduct, which sets expectations and parameters for doing business with us. We choose to work with suppliers who:

  • Provide a safe workplace and comply with all regulations
  • Protect and advance human rights
  • Share our commitment to environmental stewardship
  • Collaborate with us for great results

We contracted EcoVadis, a respected third-party expert, to roll out our supplier corporate responsibility assessment (SCRA), which helped establish four categories that we use to assess our suppliers: environmental performance, social performance, ethical performance, and supply chain. With nearly 13,000 suppliers spread out over 78 countries, this is a complex task. By the end of 2018, we had fully evaluated the top 5% of suppliers by spend. 

We extend our passion for an inclusive and diverse workplace to our supply chain. We make a point of welcoming small businesses, local businesses, and minority- or women-owned-and-operated businesses to partner with us. Economic inclusion fosters innovation and stimulates economic value for our communities, just as it improves Chemours. We intend to advance our economic inclusion program as part of our business strategy. 

We have much more to do and will continue to develop supplier expectations. Our suppliers are an extension of Chemours. The more sustainable they are, the more we are—and vice versa. By working in concert, we can build a more sustainable supply chain.