Sustainable Offerings

Essential Products, Responsibly Produced

Essential and sustainable products that build a better world for each person and for the planet we share.

Individual responsibility is at the center of our efforts to enhance our sustainable offerings. In all of our business segments, our leaders are accountable for implementing our product sustainability approach in their offering portfolios, making sure that the development of more-sustainable solutions that benefit our future is a business imperative at every layer of Chemours.

From lifesaving medical application materials, such as membranes and lubricants for ventilators, to low global warming potential refrigerants for cooling homes and keeping food cold in trucks, in warehouses, and on supermarket shelves, the demands of the world must be answered by us responsibly.

Expectations and behaviors are changing, and our customers expect greater choices and more transparency. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and their customers’ needs, delivering product transparency so we can continue to offer the value, quality, and peace of mind that our customers expect from a company like Chemours.

A graphic depicting Chemours’ 2030 sustainable offerings goal and baseline.

Putting Product Sustainability at the Heart of Our Responsibility Commitment

Product sustainability is how we meet our commitment and responsibility to minimize the human-health and environmental impact of our offerings throughout their entire life cycle. It includes product stewardship; product regulatory compliance and advocacy; product regulatory data and systems; and toxicology, epidemiology, and risk assessment. Together, they form the foundation of our product sustainability management system, which we fully integrate into our business processes and enterprise-wide programs. Our management system is the thread that connects all phases of the product life cycle, from raw material selection during research and development to operations, storage, and transport to customer use, and finally to end of life. Our people, processes, and culture form the heart of product sustainability and help us carry out our never-ending quest to always do better and deliver more-sustainable offerings.

Perpetually Improving Our Methodology

We measure progress towards our 2030 sustainable-offerings goal using our third-party-assured EVOLVE 2030 methodology to certify that our products and offerings contribute to the UN SDGs and their targets. In 2019, we piloted the tool with an initial group of four product application combinations to demonstrate and verify the methodology’s effectiveness. Evaluations in 2019 verified that 10.4% of our revenue came from products that contribute to the UN SDGs. We will continue evaluating existing portfolio products/offerings in 2020, in addition to evaluating all new products/offerings.