Evolved Portfolio

A Chain of Individual Responsibility Linking Together the Products In Our Class-Leading Portfolio

We deliver essential solutions, responsibly.

Due to the collective power of individual actions, our suite of superior products is continuing to improve the world—responsibly.

We believe our portfolio helps create a better, more capable world, but that it must do so with responsible and sustainable solutions. To help bring responsible chemistry to life, we’re reimagining what a chemistry company can do—from what we produce to how we produce it. We’re putting sustainability at the center of our business decisions and considering it at every step, from raw materials all the way to the end of the product life cycle. Along the way, we want to help our partners as they join us in improving the sustainability of our supply chain.

We’re proud to report that in 2019:

  • We achieved Responsible Care® RC14001 certification from the ACC
  • We completed 100% of the ACC’s Product Safety Code practices
  • We received the ACC Sustainability Leadership Award for Opteon™—Societal Contributions Award
  • Chemours’ John Sworen was awarded the Moore Medal for Teflon EcoElite™
  • We developed and received third-party verification for our EVOLVE 2030 portfolio sustainability evaluation methodology
  • We refreshed our Supplier Code of Conduct to facilitate CRC dialogue across our value chain
  • We increased supplier participation in our corporate responsibility assessment nearly ninefold