Glycolic Acid for Household Cleaning

A Premier Ingredient for Bathroom and Kitchen Acid-Based Cleaners and Detergents

Cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces in homes, hotels, and restaurants present their own unique considerations. Traditionally, these spaces feature items that can't be removed for thorough cleaning, such as:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Grout
  • Porcelain tubs, sinks, and toilet bowls
  • Counter tops
  • Shower doors and stalls

Glycolic acid from Chemours facilitates the balance between efficacy and safety in cleaning formulations. Chemours glycolic acid’s attributes include:

  • Excellent cleaning capability
  • Low toxicity, volatility, color, odor, and corrosiveness
  • Nonflammable
  • High water solubility
  • Biodegradability
  • Chemical stability
  • Chloride and phosphate free

How Glycolic Acid Enhances the Efficacy of Household Cleaning Agents

Because glycolic acid has wide compatibility with a range of ingredients like surfactants, biocidal agents, corrosion inhibitors, fragrances, and dyes, it’s easy to formulate an effective cleaner that is safer and more environmentally sound than a mineral acid-based cleaner. Glycolic acid works on its own or in blends with other acids in cleaning formulations. Its unique properties include:

  • Low pKa and molecular weight, which increases its efficacy on hard water scales
  • Effectiveness solubilizing inorganic scale
  • Low corrosivity on household surfaces
  • High efficiency at complexing calcium salts, making it effective at removing bathroom scale, soap scum and other hard water scales
  • Readily biodegradable for low environmental impact

Glycolic Acid Solutions are Ideal for a Variety of End Uses

Glyclean™ D70 contains 68% glycolic acid. It is U.S. EPA-registered as a manufacturing use product active-ingredient for liquid disinfectant formulations. Exceptional cleaning and disinfecting properties make Glyclean™ D70 an excellent choice for use on hard, non-porous surfaces in household, industrial, institutional, or commercial environments. Other uses for Glyclean D70 include disinfecting cleaners for agricultural and food processing facilities and equipment.