The 300°C Option

ECCtreme™ ECA resins surpass the long-standing upper-use limit of 260°C in traditional perfluoroplastics for demanding wire, tubing, and molding applications.

Chemistry that goes beyond traditional design boundaries for very hot, harsh environments. ECCtreme™ ECA expands currently available options for wire and cable, molded parts, and extruded tubing.

ECCtreme™ ECA resins surpass the long-standing upper-use limit of 260°C in traditional perfluoroplastics, extending the limit by 40°C. This unique feature is achieved through a phenomenon known as Epitaxial Co-Crystallization (ECC).

Customer-Driven Chemistry

ECCtreme™ ECA was created as an answer to oil field service providers, who needed a wire and cable solution to support oil and gas drilling in increasingly harsh environments, including deeper wells and high-temperature extraction methods. While the chemical resistance, electrical properties, and melt processability of traditional perfluoroplastics were a fit, the upper-temperature rating was now a limitation. Downtime and equipment damage caused by cable failure were ongoing and costly concerns.


Dr. Jacob Lahijani, a Senior Research Associate at Chemours, conducted extensive experimentation in fluoroplastic crystallization. He then collaborated with strategic industry partners to demonstrate performance in several high-temperature applications for the energy industry, including insulation for power and data cables, valve seats, packer seals, and blowout preventer and flow valves.


Dr. Jacob Lahijani, Chemours Research Associate who discovered ECCtreme™ ECA perfluoroplastic

Dr. Jacob Lahijani

Chemours Research Associate

This is the first fluoroplastic of its kind. It was developed to withstand the harsh, high-heat environments found in energy production applications.

As temperatures rise, so does performance.

ecctreme chart

MFR Shift During Advancing of ECCtreme™ ECA 3000.

ECCtreme™ ECA exhibits improved functionality when exposed to temperatures above 280°C, a phenomenon known as Epitaxial Co-Crystallization (ECC). Even with prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 300°C, ECA not only withstands the heat but also maintains material properties critical to demanding applications.

Creating a new standard.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.(UL) recognizes ECCtreme™ ECA Perfluoroplastic Resins with 300°C rating, expanding innovative possibilities and enabling faster product design.

The chemistry of better design.

Potential applications for ECCtreme™ ECA reach beyond the energy industry. For example:

  1. In chemical plants, ECCtreme™ ECA is already being requested for use in heat-tracing cables that maintain process temperatures.

  2. In military and aerospace applications, ECCtreme™ ECA enables cable routing in areas that were off limits due to high temperature.

  3. In auto engines, ECCtreme™ ECA can enable lighter, longer-lasting polymer tubing that stands up to higher temperatures and harsh fuels.

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