Sustainability Meets Performance with Dry Electrode Coating - Revolutionizing the Electric Future

Chemours is leading the way in reshaping the future of lithium-ion batteries (LiBs), a crucial component in the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) market. Our infographic, “Dry Electrode Coating: Revolutionizing the Battery that Powers the Electric Future” showcases the revolutionary approach to LiB production that’s set to change the game. It provides a high level visual of the dry electrode coating process.

Dry electrode coating presents an alternative that boasts an impressive set of benefits; from significantly reducing energy consumption by up to 47% to eliminating hazardous solvents altogether and improving battery performance.

Dry electrode coating reduces manufacturing footprint by up to 75% and eliminates solvent recovery

Dry electrode coating eliminates the hazardous solvent(s) used in traditional LiB production as well as necessary drying and solvent recovery steps, making battery production more cost-effective and sustainable. This innovative approach reduces the manufacturing footprint by up to 75%.

Download this infographic and if you are interested in additional information on this topic download our white paper ‘The Advantages of Dry Electrode Coating in Lithium-Ion Battery Production' for more information.