From Spin-Off to Startup


Changing the way we work will let industry-shaping chemistry do more.


A single straight arrow emerges from a circular swirl, illustrating the transformation of Chemours to a simpler, Higher Value Chemistry company.


Picture an innovative new chemistry company. One with the world's leading sustainable refrigerants line, the world-famous Teflon™ brand, the world's largest titanium dioxide business, and an array of specialized products and applications. That's Chemours.

To unlock the full value of those assets for customers and investors, Chris Siemer, president of the Chemical Solutions business, has been appointed to lead the company’s business transformation plan. As he puts it, "the businesses of Chemours came from DuPont, so they were built to fit a Fortune 500 company. Now, we’re building for a startup."

Chris Siemer, president, Chemical Solutions, recently appointed to lead The Chemours Company's five-point transformation plan.

Chris Siemer, president, Chemical Solutions, is leading our five-point transformation plan.

A $350 Million Target

Rethinking operations is part of a business transformation plan to reduce costs by $350 million by the end of 2017, as is remapping our global presence. Chemours is focusing on a "less is more" strategy by closing or selling some non-core locations while investing in strategic facilities—for example, building out a centralized research and production site in Changshu, China, for Teflon™ and other fluoroproducts and a highly efficient plant in Altamira, Mexico, for Ti-Pure™ TiO2 production.

"Yes, we’re changing our cost structure to let us compete effectively," Siemer said. "However, the big opportunity lies in transforming Chemours into a Higher Value Chemistry company that can beat anyone in the world, regardless of market conditions, financial headwinds, or the pace of change."