Fueling Innovation: Women in Science

Chemours is committed to encouraging women to shape the future of chemistry, and to empowering younger generations to explore science through STEM education.

We believe that all talent—including our women in science—fuels our innovation.


Innovation comes from everyone.

As a chemistry company, our focus every day is to push towards innovations that require continuous problem-solving and the approaching of challenges from different angles. And we believe that the key to unlocking innovation lies in the diversity of our talent. Having both men and women in science allows us to truly harness the power of chemistry, and enable creative solutions.

So by encouraging more women—an underrepresented group of talent—to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), we are bringing diverse skill sets to our workplace, and ultimately moving faster towards fueling more innovative ideas.

By participating in International Women's Day, we celebrate the women in science at Chemours—their accomplishments, their drive towards innovation, and their love for STEM—all of whom serve as inspiration for the next generation of market-shaping talent to come.

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A Culture of Empowering Innovation

We are thousands of employees strong, with the power to enable global change on a molecular level. The “ours” in the Chemours name represents all of us who work here—both men and women–and we look forward to seeing more women in science in the years to come. Through our support of STEM education and learning initiatives, we engage the minds of future generations and encourage students to explore more of the world around them through the lens of STEM.

Chemours is committed to empowering more women to join, grow, and succeed as scientists and as leaders at our company. We invite all talent to join our team as we shape the future of chemistry towards creating a more colorful, more capable, and cleaner world. Because innovation comes from everyone.


A headshot of Erich Parker, SVP, Corporate Communications and Chief Brand Officer of The Chemours Company.

Erich Parker

SVP, Corporate Communications and Chief Brand Officer

I believe that behind our innovative chemistry, our culture, which celebrates diversity of backgrounds and ideas, enables us to do what we do best.

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