May 28, 2018

Discovering Delights in Chemistry


Mark Vergnano, President and Chief Executive Officer, on why chemistry is essential to how we have fun and why Chemours has chosen to highlight this topic.

An image of Mark Vergnano, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Chemours Company.


At Chemours, we think of ourselves as helping to create a colorful, capable, and cleaner world through the power of chemistry.

Our products are critical ingredients in buildings, transportation, electronics, home goods, and energy solutions—all essential to making life better the world over. So why delight? How does a word that evokes carefree fun and even unbridled joy fit our world of discovery, application development, and purposeful, solution-driven commerce? Well, simply like this: Chemistry is also essential to how we have fun.

Anatomy of delight

Think of it this way. All of us who read C&EN are more than just engineers, scientists, and business professionals. We’re also musicians, weekend warriors, craftspeople, gourmands, visual artists, and more. We express ourselves—our fun-loving selves—in so many ways that are made possible by those molecules we manipulate, those formulas we pore over, and those experiments we undertake during our day jobs. Chemistry makes fun possible!

I rarely stop to wonder at the car that I drive to work or the insulation that keeps my house comfortable, but exciting and unusual experiences do stand out for me—like the opening ceremonies of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The drones, augmented reality, and pyrotechnics amazed me—so much so that I asked myself, how’d they do that? The answer, of course, is chemistry.

With that in mind, in this series we’ve set out to take a closer look at the chemistry underlying other magical, memorable experiences we share with our friends and families, aiming to highlight the role chemistry plays in these moments of exuberance and wonder. Our products that go into building materials, communications, electronics, truck and car manufacturing, mining, energy storage and generation, coatings, and refrigeration help bring these experiences to life, just as they enable the routine but necessary.

Dimensions of delight

Delight is serious business to us, and we take pride in our contribution to helping bring treasured pastimes and glee to people around the globe. But we’re even prouder of our relentless focus on another dimension of delight—delighting our customers. Chemours brings a relentless customer-first focus to our suite of trusted, iconic brands, combining best-performing chemical compounds with our preoccupation with meeting the needs of our customers and the markets they serve. To us, delighting our customers may mean co-designing a new formulation or anticipating a new application the market will need in years to come. It may mean getting ahead of large-scale technological shifts so that when our customers require special capabilities or properties from our chemistry, we’re ready with just the right product.

At Chemours, we call this being customer centered—one of the values that animates our company. It drives us forward to find new applications for proven chemistry and to find new chemistry to make life better and, yes, sometimes even fill us with delight.

I hope you enjoy this series. And perhaps the next time you go to a concert, have a great meal, ride a roller coaster with your kids, or spend a day in the great outdoors, you’ll think about chemistry, our shared passion—because, ladies and gentlemen, what we do makes all of this possible.

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This content was featured in the Chemical & Engineering News 05/28/18 issue.