July 24, 2017

Adapting Global Products Locally


Bryan Snell, President of Titanium Technologies at The Chemours Company, looks at adapting global products to meet local needs.

A headshot of Bryan Snell, President of Titanium Technologies at The Chemours Company.


Chemours operates across a wide range of markets, from developed to emerging.

Like any business, we want to give our customers what they want. But that poses a special challenge, since their needs vary so widely by region. Companies have wrestled with this issue since the start of globalization, but as markets grow in sophistication, so does the level of intimate, granular understanding of markets needed to combine global efficiencies with local relevance.

At our core, we are a maker of building blocks that are fundamentally the same the world over (unlike the products they make possible). Our close ties to local customers enable us to help assemble these building blocks into products designed to fit their needs.

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide is a great example. It’s one of our key global product lines, sold everywhere from Myanmar to Canada. And if you wonder just how much something like this could from vary market to market, the answer is a lot.

Ti-Pure™ is commonly used in architectural coatings such as paint. When we work with customers in North America, we’re serving a region with many wood-frame homes. Other regions build with cinder block, concrete, or some other substrate. Climate conditions too may vary. Together, these factors guide how we supply our local partners.

In Mexico, for instance, our longtime partnership with a leading paint producer, combined with our understanding of the value chain, led us to spot an opportunity: professional painters there needed a product that would cover with fewer coats. Our solution: Ti-Pure™ One Coat.

We could learn about individual local markets from research, but multinational companies that develop their own on-site relationships will always know their customers better. That’s what we do. Chemours makes seamless global-to-local transitions because we have feet on the ground in these markets. We know what people value and how local economies tick. We tailor our global scale to local needs, customizing our products and supplying markets with the exact chemical products they require.

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This content was featured in the Chemical & Engineering News 07/24/17 issue.