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Only TWO Cooling Seasons Remain before R-22 Consumption Allowances reach zero. Are You Prepared?


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Refrigerants from Chemours help you manage through the R-22 phaseout by enabling CONTINUED use of existing equipment, with minimal downtime for retrofit while avoiding costly equipment replacement for the equipment owner.


Podcast: Facts about Drop-In Replacements for R-22
In this podcast, NEWS Editorial Director Kyle Gargaro talks with Matthew McKinney of Chemours about the best solutions for replacing R-22.
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Replace R-22

Chemours offers the two leading R-22 replacements for stationary AC, Freon™ MO99 and NU-22B™. These solutions have been used by millions of people to transition away from R-22. Benefits of retrofitting with these products include:

  • Field proven
  • Quick switch
  • Continued use of existing equipment; avoids costly equipment replacement
  • No Oil Change for most systems; compatible with all lubricant types


Eliminate the Pain of Oil Change



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