Sustainable Offerings


Responsible Chemistry Meets Essential Needs

Innovation and Sustainable Solutions are Vital to How We Live Today and to Shaping the Future.

Our deep knowledge of chemistry and our technical capabilities allow us to work hand in hand with customers to develop solutions to their toughest technical problems and enable the creation of products that meet market demand for more sustainable solutions. Our solutions are part of a cleaner and brighter future for us all. We measure our products’ impacts and how they contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). We do this through EVOLVE 2030, our product sustainability assessment methodology. This methodology considers greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, landfill waste, and fluorinated organic compound emission intensities during manufacture as well as life cycle climate impact, social impact, and risks to human health and the environment.

Our 2021 Sustainable Offerings Highlights

  • Completed EVOLVE 2030 evaluation of product applications making up 56% of total 2021 revenue with 47.2% making a specific contribution to the UN SDGs
  • Received 2021 American Chemistry Council Sustainability Leadership Award for EVOLVE 2030 product sustainability
  • Joined Hydrogen Europe to help enable the transition to a global hydrogen economy
  • Launched Glyclean™ D, a proven, broad-spectrum disinfectant and cleaner, registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to deactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as other viruses and bacteria
50% or more of our revenue will be from offerings that make a specific contribution to the UN SDGs - on track

EVOLVE 2030—Our Product Sustainability Assessment Methodology

We developed EVOLVE 2030 to evaluate our current portfolio and all potential new offerings in our development pipeline. The third-party validated methodology provides better knowledge and insights with which to adjust our business priorities and make informed decisions. The assessments help us maximize the UN SDG contributions of our product portfolio, investing in products and offerings with positive benefits and guiding choices to improve, or phase out, products with negative impacts. In other words, evolving to a more sustainable portfolio. We will continue evaluating our existing portfolio in 2022 while making upgrades to the methodology, which will be released in EVOLVE 2030 V2.0 and shared on our website.