Transformation. Growth. Evolution.

Chemistry holds the power to improve the world.

Innovative Thinking From Our Experts

The power of chemistry is changing the world

From homes to industry, travel to entertainment, food to communication, and smart cities to hospitals—chemistry touches every part of our world. Chemours encourages the creative thinking that enables innovation and responsible growth through the power of chemistry.

The Big Chill

Once a way to preserve food, salting and fermenting are now reserved for delicacies thanks to low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants like Opteon™, the modern way to keep food safe, delicious, and nutritious.

"A whole cold chain runs from the fishing trawlers that harvest the catch to the cook who puts the fillet in the skillet. And all of it depends on refrigeration," says Chuck Allgood, Refrigerants Technology Leader. Learn more about how Opteon™ low GWP refrigerants add variety to our dining experiences and help make them more enjoyable.

Vacationing and Travel

When it comes to vacations, the good old days are right now. And, in no small part, that's thanks to chemistry, which helps make our trips safer and more energy efficient.

"Just about every part of vacationing is better now—and it's all because of chemistry," says Randal Perry, Technical Fellow. Learn more about how Nafion™ membranes help make vacations more fun.

Protecting the Environment and Bottom Line

Opteon™ low GWP stationary refrigerants aren't just environmentally sustainable—they're a cost-effective, long-term solution.

"Ice plants running on Opteon™ low GWP refrigerants can produce ice surfaces that meet the exacting standards of professional hickey—without depleting the ozone layer," says Stefanie Kopchick, Global Marketing Manager. Learn more about how Opteon™ stationary refrigerants help make our experiences at hockey arenas more enjoyable.

High Performance and High Sustainability

Teflon EcoElite™ renewably sourced finish can help us better enjoy the great outdoors.

"We're unlocking new chemistries like Teflon EcoElite™ that allow us to combine high performance with high sustainability," says Thomas Band, Fluoropolymers Business Manager. Learn more about how Teflon EcoElite™ provides high performance and high sustainability to enjoy outdoor recreation. 

Partnerships and Collaboration Enable Innovation

Collaboration will spur innovation at the new Chemours Discovery Hub on the University of Delaware's STAR campus.

"The University of Delaware partnership will be a magnet that attracts the best and brightest scientists and engineers, giving them a place to make their marks. That will serve Chemours as well, helping the company attract top talent," say Kevin Leary, Global Technology Director, Titanium Technologies and Zeru Tekie, Global Technical Director, Fluoroproducts. Learn more about how Chemours' academic partnerships help advance innovation and collaboration.

The Potential of Industrial Lubricants

"Every kilogram of Krytox™ lubricants is different because you're putting in different additives based on specific needs of the customer," says Denise Dignam, President, Advanced Performance Materials. Learn more about how Krytox™ lubricants help us continue to innovate across industries.

The Future of STEM Careers

“We’re targeting emerging generations now. We aim to take STEM out of its silo and give it a broader meaning for the future workforce,” says Susan Kelliher, SVP, People and Health Services. Learn more about how Chemours is cultivating the STEM talent of tomorrow.

The Future Home

“While chemistry drives advances across every industry and commercial segment, it is in the home where we can most acutely witness modern chemistry innovations at work,” says Jesal Chopra, Global Business Director. Learn more about how Chemours is contributing to the design of the homes of tomorrow.

Sustainable Chemistry

“We can actually improve upon performance while innovating and inventing sustainable solutions, and that’s what we’re focused on,” says Bob Buck, Ph.D. and Technical Fellow. Learn more about Chemours' perspective on the sustainability that empowers the chemical industry to provide innovative solutions.