Stopping the Knowledge Drain About Sodium Cyanide Safety in Mining Operations

Partner With a Sodium Cyanide Technical Expert to Protect Your Mine and Employees

While the use of sodium cyanide in mining and processing gold and silver continues to increase each year, often only a small number of people receive proper training on safe handling processes. And because of the high employee turnover rate in the mining industry, the potential for serious health and safety risks increases as knowledge gaps grow.

Mining companies need to prioritize regular, consistent safety training necessary to ensure the proper handling and use of sodium cyanide.

One solution — which also addresses potential safety issues that arise from employee turnover, evolving environmental rules and industry regulations, and lack of institutional knowledge in new and expanded mining operations — is to partner with an industry leader in sodium cyanide safety.

Teaming with the right sodium cyanide supplier/partner will reduce risks, offload training to the most qualified providers, and provide a connection to the best-trained SME in sodium cyanide safety.

Download this white paper to learn how partnering with Chemours brings sodium cyanide safety expertise and can deliver company-wide benefits by helping a mining operation establish best practices for the handling, transportation, and storage of sodium cyanide.