Sodium Cyanide

Sodium Cyanide's Significant Role in Gold and Silver Mining

As the demand for gold and silver grows, the need for mining operations that run efficiently and consistently grows with it.

An industry leader for more than 60 years, The Chemours Company acts as a partner and sodium cyanide provider with a seamless supply chain, a commitment to safety, dedicated support, and innovative solutions.

Safe, efficient gold cyanidation is essential to extracting ounces of precious metal from tons of ore. As a reliable, end-to-end sodium cyanide supply partner, Chemours aims to help customers keep operations running smoothly.

What Chemours Provides as a Partner

Chemours is a leader in innovation, safety, and efficiency. When customers partner with Chemours, they're getting more than a sodium cyanide supplier: they're getting a partner with an interest in helping propel growth through exceptional customer service.

Seamless Supply

As the world’s largest producer of solid sodium cyanide with distribution centers throughout North America, Chemours is always prepared to fulfill orders as they're placed and deliver the product customers need.

Commitment to Safety

Chemours has been safely and responsibly distributing sodium cyanide for decades and continues to make advancements through improved packaging options, on-site unloading services, and comprehensive training for our customers.

Dedicated Support

Whether it’s assisting with sodium cyanide handling and storage practices or regulatory needs like licensing, permitting, and compliance monitoring, support is available.

Continuous Innovation

Chemours' innovation is focused on improving the safety of delivery, helping the industry improve its processes, and supporting our customers with technology to enable safer and more efficient cyanide use.