Glypure™ Preneutralized

Making Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Better

Glypure™ preneutralized glycolic acid is an aqueous solution ideal for personal care products, including:

  • Conditioners and shampoos
  • Cell turnover/exfoliation products
  • Sunscreen and skin lightening combinations
  • Anti-aging products
  • Creams, serums, lotions, cleansers, and toners designed to reduce the signs of aging

This custom manufactured glycolic acid is partially neutralized with ammonium hydroxide to meet specific pH requirements for a variety of personal care products. Those products typically require 2.2, 3.0, 3.8, 4.0, and 4.4 pH levels, of which the most popular are Glypure™ preneutralized 3.8 and Glypure™ preneutralized 4.4.

Features and Benefits

Ideal for a variety of products, Glypure™ preneutralized glycolic acid:

  • Improves skin’s elasticity and firmness by reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturizes the epidermis to promote smoother, softer, and more-radiant skin
  • Increases the production of dermal matrix compounds and collagen synthesis in the dermis improving the tone and texture of the skin

For more information see the Glypure™ Preneutralized 3.8 and Glypure™ Preneutralized 4.4 specification sheets.