Glyclean™ Electronics

An Excellent Glycolic Acid Product for Metal Cleaning and Finishing

This electronics-grade glycolic acid is useful in applications requiring ppm-level metal impurities like flat-panel, thin-film transistor (TFT) processing. It also has potential to enable formulations requiring copper substrate cleaning. Additional applications that use Glyclean™ Electronics include:

  • Front- and back-end cleaners
  • Post-etch residue raemovers
  • Post-photoresist cleaners

Features and Benefits

The Glyclean™ electronics product has favorable chelating properties for many metals used in electronics applications.

Glyclean™ Electronics



Good complexation of metal ions

Excellent surface preparation

Low corrosion rates

Will not harm standard components

Low vapor pressure

No harmful vapors; lower VOCs; better and safer working environment

Readily biodegradable; less corrosive than mineral acids; low volatility

Strong environmental, safety, and handling properties