Glyclean™ AN

A Strong, High-Performing Organic Acid

Using Glyclean™ AN in the purification of acrylonitrile or acetonitrile reduces HCN polymer formation, improves waste management, and boosts product quality. This nonflammable, low-odor polymerization inhibitor is very low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and provides proven technology for superior purification of acrylonitrile and acetonitrile. In-depth laboratory testing and field application clearly demonstrates glycolic acid’s superiority over acetic acid.

Features and Benefits

Glyclean™ AN offers a wide range of benefits for acrylonitrile purification operations. With similar handling characteristics to acetic acid, converting to Glyclean™ AN requires minimal effort and offers significant benefits.

Glyclean™ AN allows for a lower total acid consumption, which may improve biological waste treatment options and reduce costs. Because a stronger bond with ammonia reduces the formation of HCN polymer during the purification process, ammonia is unavailable to trigger HCN polymerization reaction. A higher partition coefficient pulls more ammonia glycolate into the water phase, leading to less polymer formation.

With less fouling, anticipated operational improvements include:

  • Longer up-time for columns and re-boilers
  • Reduced maintenance, repair time, and expenses
  • Lower cleaning and disposal costs

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