Glyclean™ AM

A Strong Disinfecting Agent for a Range of Applications

This nonflammable, low VOC, antimicrobial (AM) product contains glycolic acid and is designed for use in various hard surface cleaning applications. Glyclean™ AM has low corrosivity, making it effective for household applications, including removing soap scum and hard water deposits.

U.S. EPA-registered formulations that utilize Glyclean™ AM as the active ingredient include:

  • Glyclean™ Pine Cleaner (pending)
  • Glyclean™ Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Glyclean™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Features and Benefits

As a registered EPA antimicrobial ingredient, glycolic acid is the active ingredient in the formulation of liquid, nonporous hard surface disinfectants for household, industrial, institutional, and commercial locations.



Strong disinfectant

Kills a broad range of bacteria and viruses

Excellent solubility of hard water salts, including calcium and magnesium

Effective and efficient soap scum and hard water salt removal

Excellent rinsability

Leaves minimal residue

A 90% biodegradable rate within seven days

Environmentally friendly

Low toxicity and volatility

Safe in its intended uses for consumers

Compatible with a wide range of formulation ingredients

Easy to create a formula to meet consumer needs