Amines, Amine Derivatives, and Dimethyl Sulfate

Methylamines are C1 alkylamines made from the raw materials methanol and ammonia. Methylamines are used to produce a wide variety of chemical products that people use every day, including pharmaceuticals, cleaning agents, and dyes.

The Chemours Company is a global manufacturer and supplier of amines, associated derivatives, and DMS products. Chemours leverages its decades of experience in safety, handling, applications, and customer satisfaction to provide quality products to its partners.

Methylamines, Methylamides, and Dimethyl Sulfate

The Chemours Company is a leader in manufacturing and delivering methylamines products (MAP). Chemours serves many different industries as a MAP supplier given the wide range of applications of these gases.

As a partner company dedicated to safety, Chemours provides guidance on safety hazards when handling any type of methylamines.

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