Alisha Bellezza

Alisha Bellezza

President, Thermal & Specialized Solutions

Alisha is the proven and enterprising leader of our Thermal & Specialized Solutions (TSS) business. She pairs her expertise in business and finance with a passion for science, to deliver new and sustainable solutions that help customers and Chemours grow, while developing and implementing new go-to-market strategies to simplify customers’ ability to do business with Chemours.


Q: Coming from the finance world, what interested you in the chemical industry?

A: I had quite an interest in science growing up and even considered studying biomedical engineering in college before ultimately selecting economics and math. After a few years in commercial banking, I decided to advance my education and pursue an MBA in strategy and finance. I realized I still favored science and sought opportunities to marry that interest with business. I found that unique combination when I began supporting an R&D organization for a crop protection business. From that point on, I was hooked, trying to solve customer needs with science-based, economic solutions.

Q: How has your perspective evolved throughout your various roles within Chemours?

A: When I joined Chemours as the head of Investor Relations (IR), I saw my role as unlocking the value of the entity. I thrive when I’m learning, and IR is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of the inner workings of a company. After a few years and adding Treasury responsibilities, I decided I was ready to take on a new challenge that would enable me to help drive growth and provide value in different ways. I’ve had the privilege of leading various areas within the company. Now, as the leader of our Thermal & Specialized Solutions segment, I am excited to further empower our amazing team to continue to drive value for our customers and grow this business.

Q: What advice would you give to someone just starting their career?

A: One thing I always stress with younger career professionals is that your journey isn’t always linear. What has served me well throughout my career is a focus on being flexible, taking on new roles and challenges, and bringing those learnings to the next opportunity. It has allowed me to see things through a slightly different lens and bring a different perspective to conversations with my teams and customers. My advice: Be open, take risks, and grow with each experience.

Q: Where do you see the most exciting opportunity for Thermal & Specialized Solutions?

A: We have an exciting opportunity to advance sustainable solutions to meet increasing societal needs for better, more efficient thermal management. Our focus on this important issue only continues to grow as businesses, government, and society as a whole place greater urgency on the need to combat climate change. We are very well positioned to deliver sustainable solutions that will help meet these needs today and into the future.

Q: What is the greatest strength of TSS?

A: The Thermal & Specialized Solutions segment has unique expertise in fluorochemistry and thermal management—having invented the refrigerant category nearly a century ago. Within Thermal & Specialized Solutions, we have a diverse portfolio of solutions, including our Opteon™ based technologies that have low global warming potential and no ozone depletion effects. Our incredibly talented team is focused on how we continue to grow and evolve our portfolio to ensure our solutions are contributing to a more sustainable world – enabling technologies that are cleaner, safer, and more efficient—to make life more comfortable and convenient.



Alisha Bellezza has over two decades of finance and chemical industry experience and leads Chemours’ Thermal & Specialized Solutions business (formerly fluorochemicals).

Alisha joined Chemours in 2015, where she helped to establish and led the investor relations function at spin. Within a year, she also took on the role of vice president and treasurer during which she led the company's first public debt offering post-spin, helped increase financial flexibility and liquidity, and initiated a share repurchase program.

Always ready to take on new opportunities, in her third year with Chemours Alisha stepped into the vice president, global sales, commercial operations and supply chain for the Titanium Technologies business where she delivered significant business growth in her first six months. She also developed and implemented new go-to-market strategies, including an e-commerce platform, innovative pricing mechanisms and differentiated offerings.

Before joining Chemours, Alisha held positions in investor relations, corporate strategy & development, and finance at FMC Corporation in the Agricultural Products Group and at the corporate level. She began her career as a financial analyst in banking at Bank One Corporation and First Bank & Trust, holding progressive leadership positions before joining Verizon Communications.

Alisha received her Bachelor of Science in economics from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and earned her Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.