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The Laguna Plant

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The Chemours Laguna plant is a project in Mexico that supports the mining industry and employs local talent.

The Chemours Laguna plant represents an investment of 3,200 million pesos in the state of Durango and the municipality of Gómez Palacio. It will generate numerous direct and indirect jobs and develop a network of local service providers that will boost the regional economy. It would be the most advanced plant of this type in production worldwide, since it has been developed under the strictest safety and sustainability standards and protocols.

The facility will manufacture sodium cyanide, an essential compound for the recovery of precious metals in the mining industry. The production of this product will be carried out with the most innovative, efficient and safe technology in the world. It is a solid product, which is not flammable, does not generate vapors or dust; and that is not dispersed in the environment. The process is carried out in a closed system, with low water consumption, which is completely reused and does not have any type of discharges.

Chemours is committed to the Laguna community to invest in a chemical plant that will result in more than 1,000 jobs during construction, as well as 300 full-time well-paying jobs after construction. We believe that our project will improve life, not only for the company's employees, but also for our neighbors, friends and family in the region and its surroundings. That is why we will not stop trying with all the means at our disposal to resume the construction of our plant as soon as possible, to contribute in a responsible manner to developing the local economy.