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Chemours friends, stakeholders, and associates,

It is with much pleasure and pride that I share with you our third Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) report. On each information-rich page, you will see examples of our continued progress in 2019 against our 10 ambitious CRC goals. We have compiled this report in the throes of a year fraught with events that are changing the way we live, work, and think—the global COVID-19 pandemic and what can be described only as a far-reaching social uprising against racism in all its ugly forms. This backdrop has made the need even more compelling for corporations, industries, institutions, and individuals to embrace and advance social responsibility in its broadest sense.

At Chemours, we believe that great change is possible only through the passion, energy, and efforts of many. That belief is rooted in our values—specifically in one we call Collective Entrepreneurship. By empowering our employees to act like company owners and not only speak up but act when they see an opportunity to improve, we're able to pivot quickly, be proactive, and experience firsthand the power of individual action creating collective progress. It is this mindset that is enabling our company, to combat the novel coronavirus and social injustice, and is the same way of thinking that took our corporate responsibility efforts to a new level in 2019. That fact is all the more noteworthy when you consider the significant business challenges Chemours faced, including TiO2 channel destocking and the continued impact of illegal imports of HFC refrigerants into Europe.

Framed across three pillars―Inspired People, Shared Planet, and Evolved Portfolio―our goals align with the needs of our partners, customers, employees, investors, communities, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Last year, we joined the collective efforts of business leaders across the globe by renewing our commitment to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact—yet another example of individual actions that can ultimately mean consequential change.

For me, a 2019 highlight was watching the deep integration of our Corporate Responsibility Commitments into every aspect of how our nearly 7,000 employees at Chemours approach their work. Every day, the unique contributions of people across the company are making a difference advancing these goals, seamlessly integrating them into our growth strategies, business plans, community partnerships, volunteerism efforts, and day-to-day activities. I can say with confidence that these commitments are becoming a part of how Chemours operates today and plans for tomorrow's future.

Companies like ours are proving that big challenges can be solved by motivated individuals operating in an organizational structure that magnifies and multiplies their power. It’s still early in our journey, but we’re off to a solid start. We invite you to see for yourself, to join us on this journey, to participate in the change.

Kind regards,

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Mark Vergnano
President and CEO