Our Journey to Greater Responsibility

Answering the World’s Demand for Responsible Growth.

Last year marked the kickoff and announcement of Chemours’ Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) and our ambitious 10x2030 goals.

In 2018 we shifted our focus to defining how our CRC would act in concert with business operations and our responsible-growth strategy. While we want to act fast to deliver what the world expects of us, we must first lay the groundwork necessary to achieve our goals.

Our Corporate Responsibility Commitment Guiding Principles

A graphic portraying the six guiding principles of the Chemours Corporate Responsibility Commitment.

Defining Our Next Steps

The matrix below shows how our long-term business success aligns with the priorities of our stakeholders. These findings help us identify opportunities where we can provide the most value, drive our strategy, and share our progress with our stakeholders.

The matrix is divided into three levels, with each level having a prescribed plan of action. Action issues are supported by our 2030 CRC goals and are discussed in our report in line with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting standards. In addition, we share information about some of our assessed issues, and further details are found in the GRI Content Index.

With our foundation—built on our principles, governance, prioritized issues, and goals—in place, we turned our attention in 2018 to putting our CRC plans into action. We began the process by assigning goal leaders and CRC champions to each goal, and then established our 2018 baselines and followed with a detailed examination of each goal to identify what we needed to do to reach our targets.

We also took action in 2018 by becoming a participant in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Chemours has always upheld the values of the compact, and formalizing that commitment carries symbolic weight for us. As a UNGC participant, we commit to reporting annually on our progress toward implementing the UNGC’s 10 principles—covering human rights, child and forced labor, the environment, and anticorruption—and to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). We commit to making the UNGC and its principles part of the strategy, culture, and day-to-day operations of Chemours—just as we commit to engaging in collaborative projects that advance the UN SDGs. Our 2018 CRC report, with its companion GRI Content Index, will serve as the first communication on progress to the UNGC since Chemours became a participant.