Improving the Lives of Individuals and Society—Responsibly

Each of us is dedicated to bettering the human condition while living lighter on the planet that sustains us.

At Chemours we understand we all have a fundamental role to play in helping protect the planet we all share. That’s why in 2019 we started making changes at individual plants all over the world that will collectively help us reach our climate goals. We work to address climate change by taking prudent, practical, and cost-effective actions to reduce our emissions as we grow our company, and we strive to help our customers do the same. We are committed to reducing our scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gases (GHGs), and our air process emissions from fluorinated organic compounds (FOCs), by improving our resource use and energy efficiency, acting on opportunities to deploy lower emission technologies at our manufacturing sites, increasing our use of renewable energy, and encouraging our employees to reduce their own environmental footprints. We also commit to working with commercial partners to reduce their GHG and FOC process emissions and develop products and processes that help our customers and consumers reduce their environmental footprint. Ultimately, we want the emissions avoided by using our products to be greater than the emissions generated to make them. We call this becoming carbon positive.

A graphic depicting two Chemours 2030 climate goals and baselines.

Holding Ourselves to The Highest Standard of Transparency

Last year we provided our first climate disclosure submission to the CDP to independently assess the effectiveness of our climate management approach. For our 2019 submission we received a “C” score, and while that is not where we would like to be, we have a clear picture of what we need to improve and took action to implement the learnings from CDP to improve our management approach. You can refer to our 2020 CDP climate change submission for more information on our approach to managing carbon emissions.

Reducing Our Emissions, One Plant at a Time

In 2019, we’ve continued our work to reduce our scope 1 GHG emissions. The following examples highlight our progress:

  • In December 2019, we successfully completed installing a thermal oxidizer at our Fayetteville, North Carolina, facility. Starting in 2020, the unit will reduce carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions annually by an estimated 490,000 metric tons CO2e.
  • We made progress installing new gas boilers at our Parkersburg, West Virginia, site. The new gas boilers are planned to start up in early 2021 and will replace the coal-fed boilers currently in place to produce steam for our operations and site tenants. This conversion to natural gas boilers will reduce annual CO2e emissions by an estimated 120,000 metric tons.
  • Our site in Belgium began negotiations in 2019 to convert its energy supply to 100% renewable European wind power and carbon-neutral natural gas. The conversion was completed in May 2020. This commitment will result in a 270-metric-ton reduction in CO2e emissions annually.