Safety Excellence

Our Obsession with Safety Shines in Every Part of Our Organization.

We have an obsession with safety and take pride in instilling a strong safety culture throughout Chemours.

We strive for all of our employees and contractors to return home safely and injury free each day, and to avoid any safety impact on our local communities. We empower our employees to take action when needed, and we are always searching for ways to improve. 

A graphic depicting Chemours safety principles.

Our obsession with safety leads us to take care of our employees and people all along our value chain. We believe our commitment to safety extends beyond ourselves and our plants to include our communities and our environment. We labor to constantly improve our results in these five areas: Occupational Health and Safety, People (Worker and Contractor) Safety, Process Safety, Emergency Response, and Transportation Safety. To reinforce our principles and strengthen our management systems, we run multiple auditing systems to be sure we are living up to our expectations and commitments.

A graphic of the Chemours 2030 Safety Excellence goal and baselines.