Empowered Employees 

Empowering Individual Actions within an Ethical, Diverse Workforce.

Achieving responsible chemistry depends on empowered individuals who take actions. This is why we make it a priority to provide opportunities for our people to thrive.

At Chemours, we bring about a world of responsible chemistry when we invest in every single one of our employees so they can feel empowered to take initiative. We foster a rewarding and productive workplace culture by investing in employee development and well-being, prioritizing inclusion and diversity, displaying strong company values, and recognizing accomplishments. Our culture is underpinned by a long-term strategy to support employees at every stage of their careers—from recruitment and onboarding to career development and training to performance management, and finally to succession planning. We are building and nurturing a culture in which our differences are a source of strength and cause for celebration. We believe an inclusive and diverse workforce makes Chemours a great place to work, enhances our innovation and customer experience, and strengthens our understanding of the communities we serve.

A graphic of the Chemours Empowered Employees 2030 goals and baselines.

Attracting and Nurturing Diverse Talent

In 2019 , we focused on strengthening and creating programs that will enable us to reach our 2030 diversity goals. We believe our approach to attracting talent, as well as the opportunities and training provided to our employees, is what will help us achieve our goals. We are proud to report that in 2019:

  • We completed a review of job descriptions and position requirements to remove capabilities not required and neutralize language, to help broaden the diversity of candidates who apply.
  • We leveraged a new technology platform to increase sourcing of diverse candidates and required our talent-acquisition specialists to source and provide diverse slates of candidates for every job requisition.
  • We embedded unconscious-bias training into all our people processes.
  • We developed and rolled out a 2020 training program to teach our people leaders about unconscious bias through the NeuroLeadership Institute’s DECIDE program.
  • The US Department of Labor awarded Chemours its HIRE Vets gold medallion for our programs to recruit, employ, and retain US veterans—a highly capable, disciplined, and diverse source of talent.
  • Chemours US and Chemours Mexico were both certified for the second consecutive year by Great Place to Work.
  • We expanded our Future of Chemistry Scholarship program, designed to provide scholarships to students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
  • Our leaders, along with the Talent Acquisition team, attended student events and job fairs at various universities, including events at HBCUs, to recruit top talent from these institutions.
  • Our manufacturing sites partnered with local trade schools and community colleges to develop degree programs that teach students the unique skills needed for careers in operations and create apprenticeship opportunities at our manufacturing sites.

Committing to Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce

Inclusion does not mean homogenization. We will accomplish our aggressive business goals only by tapping into a vibrant and empowered workforce that leverages our differences to meet the world’s challenges. Our future and the future of chemistry and science depend on a multiplicity of viewpoints, ideas, actions, and experiences—something that can be created only by a diverse workforce representative of the world in which we live.

We foster inclusion through Chemours’ seven employee resource groups (ERGs), covering a range of shared qualities. The ERG program promotes inclusion, diversity, and understanding among employees through employee-led affinity groups. Each group sponsors various events and initiatives to increase diverse representation within the company, build awareness of our unique talents and cultural backgrounds, support community engagement, and celebrate our diversity. We saw an increase in employee engagement through our ERGs in 2019, with approximately 18% of Chemours colleagues being members of our ERGs, up from 10% in 2018, and 320 employees participating in ERG-sponsored mentoring programs.

Inclusion also starts with our leaders. This is why Mark Vergnano, our CEO, has signed the CEO Action pledge, affirming his leadership in and dedication to inclusion and diversity within Chemours.

Listening and Improving

We assess our progress by listening to our employees through a yearly workplace culture survey. Results are then compared to those achieved by the members of a database of more than 1,700 organizations, providing an accurate predictor of performance potential as well as details on critical areas of development for specific groups. In 2019, survey participation and engagement rates increased by 9%, and we are very proud of our extraordinarily high level of employee participation.