A Key Ingredient for Smart-Device Innovation

By helping boost reliability and efficiency, high-performance Teflon™ fluoroplastics are driving technology innovations for semiconductor manufacturing.

Smaller, smarter technology for semiconductor manufacturing.

With the rising demand for smarter technology, from more powerful smartphones to more intelligent appliances, Teflon™ fluoroplastics will continue to lead the way, especially as semiconductors will require increasingly more powerful and efficient integrated circuits.


As consumers demand more connectivity, Teflon™ materials help provide greater reliability.

Today more than ever, intelligent devices and appliances are transforming everyday lives. This is called the Internet of Things, and it’s turned the ordinary into the extraordinary by increasing the network connectivity of Wi-Fi–enabled electronics. Imagine: A refrigerator that knows which groceries to buy before you do. Or wearables with built-in technologies to monitor your health. But there’s a challenge: to power these electronic devices, computer chips must become increasingly more efficient—and miniaturized.

Because as smart devices shrink, the semiconductors inside computer chips need to get smaller. Teflon™ fluoroplastics are used to help meet the needs of these ever-evolving design complexities, as they enable high-performance, contamination-free materials for high-purity chemical delivery during the chip-manufacturing processes.

It’s the age of the Internet of Things.

A chart shows billions of smart devices increasing interconnectivity between 2016 and 2020.

This is a 30% increase since 2015, and by 2020 that figure could break the 20 billion barrier.*

Teflon™ fluoroplastics help keep innovation moving forward.

Systems that use Teflon™ materials help prevent metallic contamination, corrosion, and leaching in fluid-handling systems, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to maximize chip yields and design freedoms. That’s why the development of Teflon™ fluoroplastics in the semiconductor industry has helped enhance the performance, reliability, and efficiency of smart-device manufacturing. These materials also minimize downtime and process variability—qualities that allow for safe and consistent operation.

In this age of the Internet of Things, Teflon™ materials have become more important than ever. They help make it possible for semiconductors to deliver intelligent automation for mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connections. With their ability to handle high-purity chemicals and operate at very high temperatures, Teflon™ fluoroplastics help semiconductors perform better and faster, with greater energy efficiency and lower defectivity. Which in turn helps semiconductor manufacturers perform better too.

Smarter, more efficient devices also promote sustainability.

Teflon™ fluoroplastics help benefit semiconductor manufacturing in multiple ways. During chip fabrication, the superior chemical resistance of fluoroplastics decreases the likelihood of highly corrosive chemicals contaminating the ultraclean environment.

There are other practical functions as well. Since Teflon™ fluoroplastics help improve the reliability of the semiconductor manufacturing process, by extension they also help manufacturers innovate better, more reliable devices. The more data that these devices are capable of sharing, the smarter and more efficient the Internet of Things can become. Transportation, buildings, and even infrastructure can share real-time information to help reduce energy consumption, congestion, hazards, and operational costs.

Outthinking Contamination
at the 2016 SMC

Can something smaller than a speck of dust bring the future to its knees? It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds, because as today’s integrated circuits shrink ever smaller, they become increasingly sensitive to contamination during the semiconductor manufacturing process. That makes contamination detection, identification, and control a potential sticking point for progress.

So Chemours recently sponsored the Contamination and Metrology Challenges session at the 2016 Strategic Materials Conference (SMC), hosted by SEMI. Our goal was to facilitate discussion and collaboration around this issue to help inspire answers to propel the whole industry.

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Katelyn Walck, North America Semicon Market Development Leader, The Chemours Company.

Katelyn Walck

North America Semicon Market Development Leader

We see ourselves as enablers of technology miniaturization and advancements in next-generation semiconductors.

Decades of continuous innovation.

Businesses are continuously seeking innovative ways to keep up with—or even stay ahead of—the ever-growing expectations of consumers. So Teflon™ fluoroplastics are helping businesses rise to that challenge, with continued product innovation to meet changing industry requirements and demands for better-performing processes. After all, Moore’s Law states that technology will double in speed every two years, and Teflon™ materials play an important role in helping ensure that those advancements continue.

A chart shows how Teflon™ has enabled the advancement of the semiconductor industry since 1973.

Teflon™ fluoroplastics have a history of innovation that is based on changing industry requirements and demands for better-performing and higher-purity products.

Teflon™ fluoroproducts are just part of the story.

The use of Teflon™ fluoroplastics helps give industry innovators access to a wide array of world-class materials and expert technical support, which facilitates the fabrication of semiconductor materials. Products like Teflon™ PFA, Teflon™ FEP, and Teflon™ PTFE are used to create everything from pipes to filters, sensors, and storage containers for high-purity fluid-handling systems. Teflon™ finishes help deliver superior corrosion protection from gases exhausted during wet chemistry processes. In addition, the Chemours portfolio offers a broad range of other products that enable semiconductor fabrication, including:

  1. Viton™ fluoroelastomers, which provide sealing solutions for broad chemical resistance

  2. Krytox™ high-performance lubricants and vacuum pump oils

  3. Vertrel™ and Opteon™ specialty fluids for etcher/tester chiller coolant and wafer cleaning/drying

Forward-looking businesses know that innovation will make the difference between fading or flourishing in the future, and Chemours can be a valuable partner for those that refuse to fade. So we’re dedicated to bringing Higher Value Chemistry to our customers, investors, and society—a commitment that inspires us to find new ways to help raise the quality of life for billions worldwide while empowering smarter everyday life.



*Source: “The Connected Home—UK,” Mintel Group Limited, May 2016.



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