Virkon™ S - The science to kill pathogens

History Milestones for Virkon™ S

Virkon S History: 1986  The first on farm peroxygen disinfectant launched

Virkon S History: 1989  Virkon™ S registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Virkon S History: 1990  Virkon™ S starts building its reputation as the premium biosecurity protection

Virkon S History: 2000  Classical Swine Fever (CSF) outbreak contained

Virkon S History: 2001  Deployed widely in UK FMD crisis

Virkon S History: 2002  USDA approves a special exemption license for Avian Influenza outbreak
UK Vehicle Testing organization (MIRA) tests Virkon™ S for use on livestock transporters

Virkon S History: 2003  Selected by the Dutch government to control the Avian Influenza outbreak
Deployed in the Californian exotic Newcastle Disease outbreak

Virkon S History: 2004  Deployed in the South East Asian Avian Influenza crisis
AUSVETPLAN states that "Virkon™ S is a modern disinfectant with outstanding virucidal properties"

Virkon S History: 2006  The UK government's Advisory Committee on Organic Standards (ACOS) recognises Virkon™ S as suitable for use in Organic Farming
United Nations selects Virkon™ S to combat Avian Flu in 69 nations

Virkon S History: 2007  Deployed in the UK FMD crisis

Virkon S History: 2010 Purchased by Japanese and Bulgarian governments to control FMD outbreak