Virkon™ S - The science to kill pathogens

Farm Water System Disinfection

Water System Disinfection with Virkon STerminal and Continuous Disinfection
All water systems can potentially contain some viral and bacterial contamination, especially header tanks where dust and debris can accumulate. Disinfection will clean the system and eliminate viruses,
bacteria and fungal growth.


 Water System
 Dilution Rate
Terminal Disinfection1:200 - 1:100Isolate header tank at the mains and drain off to drinker points farthest from tank. Clean out any gross soiling and debris. Refill with water and add the appropriate volume of Virkon™ S powder, thoroughly stir and leave for 10 minutes. Flush system through to all drain-off points and leave for a further 50 minutes before draining system and refilling with clean water.
Continuous Disinfection1:1000Dose header tank as required or apply through water system dosing equipment.

Virkon™ S Water System Disinfection Application Usage Chart

 Dilution Rate
Litres of Water
to be Disinfected

Continuous Water Disinfection 1:1000
 Quantity of Virkon™ S to be Added
  100 litres500g1kg100g
250 litres1.25kg2.5kg250g
500 litres2.5kg5kg500g
1000 litres5kg10kg1kg

The specified uses and registered claims for Virkon™ S may vary from country to country.
Please contact Chemours directly to verify country-specific approved usages.