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Chemours Vertrel specialty fluids

Use Vertrel™ specialty fluids for Medium & Heavy Soil Removal

Use Vertrel™ specialty fluids for Medium & Heavy Soil Removal

Vertrel™ specialty fluids can be used to remove of difficult soils from substrates such as plastics and metal parts. The main advantages of using Vertrel™ are its high solvency power, enabling it to clean a wide variety of hard-to-clean soils, and that it is safer than nPB alternatives.

Unlike aqueous based cleaning systems, products cleaned with Vertrel™ come out dry and spot-free, resulting in better cleaning performance. There is no need to worry about surfactant that may be left behind on the cleaned part once dried.

» Spot-free drying
» No separate drying step required thereby 
   improving throughput
» No oven or hot air drying therefore lower energy costs
» Less floor space required because separate dryer 
   is unnecessary
» Parts can be handled immediately after cleaning due to 
   low temperature operation
» Can be used in a vapor degreaser
» Handles a high range of ultrasonic frequency
» Highest KB value of any solvent in its class
» Superior material compatibility (metals and plastics
» No solvent maintenance required

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Please contact us to identify the best Vertrel™ product for your Medium and Heavy Soil Removal applications.