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Benefits of Vazo™


Solvent-Soluble Vazo™ free radical sources offer a number of advantages over organic peroxides.

  • More stable than most peroxides, so can be stored under milder conditions and are not shock-sensitive.
  • Decompose with first-order kinetics; not sensitive to metals, acids, and bases; not susceptible to radical-induced decompositions. This makes Vazo™ free radical sources more efficient and predictable than other free radical sources.
  • Produce less energetic radicals than peroxides, so there is less branching and cross-linking.
  • Are weak oxidizing agents, which lets them be used to polymerize unsaturated amines, mercaptans, and aldehydes without affecting pigments and dyes.
  • Are available in four grades to use over a wide temperature range.


Water-Soluble Vazo™ free radical sources offer all of the advantages of the solvent-soluble grades, plus these other benefits:

  • narrow molecular weight distribution
  • cationic or anionic functionality
  • minimal branching
  • no sulfur