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Plastics - PVC Plastisol

Plastisol, General Purpose PVC Applications

Ti-Pure™ R-103
For PVC plastisol applications, liquid dispersion performance and post-dispersion flocculation resistance are important requirements. For non-durable plastisol applications, R-103 is the preferred product.

Ti-Pure™ R-103

  • Blue pigment undertone for a clean white appearance
  • High tint strength to efficiently provide opacity
  • Good dispersion in plastisols


Plastisol, Outdoor PVC Applications

Ti-Pure™ R-960
For PVC plastisol applications, in addition to liquid dispersion performance and post-dispersion flocculation resistance, outdoor durability is an important end use requirement. For durable plastisol applications, R-960 is the preferred product. Its dense silica surface treatment minimizes chalking, which is perceived as color fade in tinted products and results in loss of gloss for white applications.

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