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Plastics - Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate and PC blends  Applications

A TiO2 product suitable for polycarbonate and PC blends must have a blue pigment undertone to deliver a bright white color in the end use application. In addition, it should have adequate surface chemical modifications and a thermally stable organic coating so that the desired thermal, rheological, and mechanical properties are maintained during processing.

In many applications, a TiO2 product must also meet FDA's indirect food contact requirements.

For PC blended with ABS (or with other suitable polymers) Ti-Pure™ R-103 is preferred.

For transmitted light applications, such as back-illuminated advertising and signboards, the use of Ti-Pure™ R-960 should be considered.

Durability is required for many electronic applications such as cell phones, PDA, etc. For these uses, Ti-Pure™ R-960 or R-105 are suggested.