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OEM Coatings - Powder Coatings

Durable Powder Coatings

TS-6200 was specifically designed for the most challenging durability applications and as such is well suited for most exterior applications, including exterior powder coatings. TS-6200 has unsurpassed chalk resistance and gloss retention, assuring maximum coatings life with minimal gloss or color change. TS-6200 will also provide good dispersibility and flow properties in powder coatings to provide excellent coating surface appearance and maximum hiding.

Ti-Pure™ R-706
R-706 provides a high level of gloss retention combined with an excellent balance of processing and optical performance properties including easy dispersion,high brightness and very good opacity. Powders made with R-706 exhibit excellent melt flow during cure yielding smooth finishes.

Ti-Pure™ R-960
The original superdurable TiO2, R-960 is ideal for powder coatings systems where resistance to chalking and retention of color are of primary importance. R-960 is recommended for use in systems such as triglycidly isocyanurate (TGIC) and Primid-cured polyesters, where outdoor weatherability is of primary concern. Additionally, R-960 provides excellent resistance to overbake yellowing during curing.


Non-Durable Powder Coatings

Ti-Pure™ R-900
R-900 is highly recommended for non-durable powder coatings. R-900 is a general-purpose interior pigment that provides good gloss and brightness along with high hiding power. Powders made with R-900 exhibit good melt flow during cure to give excellent coating surface properties.

Ti-Pure™ R-902+
R-902+ is also recommended for non-durable powder coatings. This product provides easy dispersion, high melt flow during cure, and very good opacity in interior powder coating applications.