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Ti-Pure™ Titanium Dioxide for Coatings
This in-depth brochure is a guide to the use of Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide in coatings. It describes the properties and functions of TiO2 pigments in a manner useful as an introductory guide for those new to the industry, and useful as a reference guide to those with experience.

Guide to Paint Uses
This reference table can be used as a guide for determining which Ti-Pure™ grades are most suitable based on the coatings application.

Ti-Pure™ Physical Properties
This table presents the typical physical property values and standards classifications for Ti-Pure™ dry and slurry grades.

Pigment Dispersion in Liquids
This document discusses the practical aspects of pigment dispersion in liquids including initial wetting, breaking of aggregates and agglomerates, and flocculation. Additionally, this document discusses measuring the degree of dispersion and describes various types of dispersion equipment.

Effective Utilization of Titanium Dioxide
The efficient use of TiO2 in coatings for achieving desired quality and cost can be quantitatively determined. This document discusses how formulators and manufacturers can make these determinations with a reasonable amount of lab work and the use of the equations of Kubelka and Munk.

Grade Selection - Ti-Pure™ Titanium Dioxide for Plastics
Describes the performance of Ti-Pure™; titanium dioxide grades in major resin systems and identifies properties important to those applications.

NIK (Not In Kind) Products and Their Role In Plastic Applications
This short paper will address what materials are commonly cited as NIK alternates for TiO2, why the value they provide in many Coatings and Paper applications does not transfer to plastic applications and the properties they do provide which account for their on-going use in the plastics industry.

Packaging for Ti-Pure™ Titanium Dioxide for Plastics
Provides detailed information about each available grade and package combination, the materials of construction of the bags, pallet sizes, safe stacking heights and other information customers may wish to consider in planning for and use of Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide products for plastics.

Plastics Application Guide
Plastics application guide for specific end uses

Polymers, Light and the Science of TiO2
Detailed brochure highlighting the properties and use of Chemours titanium dioxide products for plastics.

Ti-Pure™ Titanium Dioxide for Outdoor Vinyl Fence and Railing
Consistent color, superior weathering and processibility are critical to a fence manufacturer, and the choice of TiO2 plays a decisive role.