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Edgemoor, Delaware, USA

Situated on land once owned by William Penn, the Edgemoor site has been a working farm, an iron mill that produced the Brooklyn Bridge girders, a creative retreat for F. Scott Fitzgerald when he started writing Tender is the Night, and finally, a Chemours white pigment plant.

In addition to the colorful history of the land it sits on, the Edgemoor site has contributed richly to the Chemours white pigment business by:

  • Developing the chloride process in 1948 that transformed the white pigment industry
  • Producing 14 times the original TiO2 capacity of the site
  • Being a model chemical plant-equipped with quality products, the latest technology, safety and environmental leadership, and over a half century of experience

Edgemoor employees have contributed to their community in the following ways:

  • Serving on a quarterly community advisory panel
  • Setting an all-time safety record in December 2001-more than 600 days without a recordable injury to a Chemours employee (more than two years for contractors)
  • Supporting Junior Achievement programs
  • Providing services during United Way's Days of Caring
  • Buying Christmas presents for Child Incorporated clients
  • Giving presentations to school children on how to make paper
ISO 9002 Certificate